in Kyiv

Gateway in Kyiv

The task of the gateway is to organise, coordinate, promote and support all forms of cooperation of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw in various aspects and at all levels. The gateway staff serve as representatives of the leading Polish law faculty in Ukraine and as intermediaries obliged to assist in establishing contacts both from the Polish side (sending country) and those interested in such cooperation from Ukraine (host country).

The constant presence of the staff – representatives of the leading Polish law faculty – is crucial for such significant operations as:

  • organising conferences, seminars and other scientific events,
  • coordination of permanent areas of international academic cooperation (working groups, research and research teams, grant programmes),
  • revitalising the exchange of researchers and students,
  • creating publications presenting the views of both legal cultures (which are near and dear to each other),
  • exchange and sharing of library collections and dissemination of academic achievements (including translation).

The gateway functioning in Kyiv is an important forum for cooperation between Polish science and business entities in the Ukrainian market, as well as organisations of the “third sector” in Kyiv. It is also an effective tool for recruiting experts, whose expertise in legal and political matters is used in the process of reforms and contributes to the revitalisation the collaboration of Polish and Ukrainian think tanks and building industry business organisations.